Special kind of Challenges, Call for Special Kind of People


In Blue Battalion, we specialize in all that is special, unique and out-of-the-ordinary. You can think of us as the Special Ops Team that intervenes when ordinary solutions are just not enough. 

Sometimes, you need a “Think-Team”
The kind of experts that expect the unexpected, make the impossible – possible
And that the unusual is their every-day routine

If you encounter a conundrum
When time is of the essence
If special care is crucial
and when going out of the way, is the only way

Blue Battalion will take you from Code-Red to Blue-Skies.

Expedited Critical ShipmentsOn Time is Too Late
Anyone can be on time
Our men are ahead of their time, putting you ahead of your competition.

Nevertheless, to reduce storage and inventory costs, we will make sure your shipment arrives exactly when you need it to.

Load & Ride
Our special deliveries are costumed for shipments that just can’t wait – as soon as they are loaded they are on their way.
Load & Ride shipments have definite advantages:

  • Reduce Loss 
  • Reduce wear and Tare
  • Expedite shipping time
  • Improve your costumer’s satisfaction

Call to Haul
At Blue Battalion, your wish is our command. 
Just place your order for delivery, and one of our drivers is on his way to pick it up and deliver it on the spot.
We are on call 24/7

Shipping Solutions for the Retail Market

Blue Battalion will always strive to be the strongest link in your Supply Chain
We will handle and ship your products from the production line to a distribution center or warehouse.

We will deliver your products to the point-of-sale or end user.