Sometimes, being accurate to a certain degree is what you should strive for

ASM Northern Alliance

ASM Northern Alliance is a trailblazer in the field of temperature-controlled shipping, introducing cutting-edge technologies specifically developed to offer you:

  • Cost-Efficiency and Control 
  • Greater Value and Performance – 
  • Simple to Operate Solutions 
  • Superior Performance in comparison to other products

In addition, to the range of solutions provided by ASM Northern Alliance for every temperature and for every need. You will find our tip-of-the-spear delivery team, equipped with the latest technologies, such as:

  • Thermal blankets
  • SoftBox systems
  • Delta T VIP LPCM pallet shipper

ASM Northern Alliance specializes in both Passive and Active Shipping Systems. Over the years, we have carried out numerous international and domestic temperature sensitive shipments. Our technology and knowhow creates a more effective and economical process, assuring accurate conditions and safe delivery
on-time every-time. 

Passive systems: maintain a temperature-controlled environment inside an insulated enclosure, with or without thermostatic regulation, using a finite amount of pre-conditioned coolant in the form of chilled or frozen gel packs, phase change materials, dry ice or others.

Active systems: Externally powered or on-board powered systems using electricity or other power source to maintain a temperature-controlled environment inside an insulated enclosure under thermostatic regulation (e.g. cold rooms, refrigerators, temperature- controlled trucks, refrigerated ocean and air containers).

Quality Assurance
Our services are in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the GDP regulations.
We are constantly examining ourselves to meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science companies and for temperature sensitive substances
All of our products are certified for temperature-controlled transport.

ASM Northern Alliance provides a variety of logistics services tailored to your exact needs and requirements including: 
Pre-Checking each package you ordered before packing
Preparing all cooling or heating elements according to strict SOP’s. 
Pre-Setting package Temperature Range according to your requirements and specifications, so no time or quantity is lost in the process.

As part of the added value and benefits we offers, you can now enjoy our ground-breaking technological developments tailored for your needs.
These innovative technologies are based on years of experience, which came from numerous Temp. Controlled Deliveries we made over the year bot internationally and domestic.
We have collaborated with leading companies in the industry, to totally revolutionize the way Temperature Controlled Goods are being handled and shipped.