The Only Way to Ship a Box,
is to Think Outside the Box

About us

Pack & Ship special ops.
In our world, no day is the same as the other and no task is similar to the previous one or to the next.
In our world, there is no routine, no “Copy-Paste” 
Among all the variables, the dynamics and the ever-changing reality 
The constants– are constantly changing
The only certainty – is uncertainty 
And the only law that applies – is Murphy’s

Our world is a Military Campaign, a constant battle to stay ahead of the game, knowing for sure that you can never be too sure, realizing that the path may change as long as the outcome stays the same.
No project is too small
No box is too big
No stone is left unturned in our constant quest to deliver more than expected 

Though our journeys are different, our destination is interchangeable
If you think about it, your business and ours are quite the same

QRT (Quick Response Team)
Your world is a world of operations, special operations, and special operations require specialized teams.
When you encounter a challenging or complicated shipping task with an impossible schedule, your solution is a phone call away 24/7. 
Our Quick Response Team is always on-call, waiting to be deployed in a matter of minutes.
We pride ourselves on our highly-experienced team to deliver our customers a range of industry best-practice services:

  • Professionally Trained – our team of experts know the shipping industry inside out – requirements and regulations are their text-books
  • Artfully Skilled – all team members have dozens of successful operations under their belt. They have adapted, overcame and rose to numerous occasions 
  • Dexterously Motivated – what seems to some as an obstacle, for us is a challenge. “Impossible” is not in our vocabulary, “failure” in is not an option
Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Packing and transportation tasks
Years of Experience

Meet the EZR Team

Yul Yehi Melamed


Emma Mangal

Team VP

Ambica D.

Chief Of Staff